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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Cheering the players who will “perform with the pride of Waseda”

Sending hearty cheers to the players at the Vancouver Olympic Send-off Gathering

Singing school song/fight songs together with students

On January 18, there was an “Olympic/Paralympics Send-off Gathering” at the park in front of the Statue of Shigenobu Okumato send cheers and encouragement to the Vancouver Olympic players from Waseda University (current and graduated students). Three players, Ms. Sakai, Ms. Sakurai, and Mr. Doi attended the gathering despite their busy schedule. As a representative of Paralympics, Ms. Mami Sato (Graduated from School of Commerce in 2004, 6th place winner (long jump) of the Beijing Paralympics) also attended the gathering to encourage the players.

“We want to play with pride and be true to Waseda’s name,” said the players in response to the cheers from the students.

List of the players
Name Department Category
Kai Ozaki School of Education, 4th year Skiing (Mogul)
Yui Sakai School of Sport Sciences, 4th year Skating (Short track)
Akito Watabe School of Sport Sciences, 3rd year Skiing (Nordic combined)
Biba Sakurai School of Sport Sciences, 2nd year Skating (Short track)
Michiko Kashiwabara School of Sport Sciences, 1st year Skiing (Cross-country)
Shingo Doi Graduated from School of Human Sciences in 2006 Skating (Speed)
Nobu Naruse Graduated from School of Sport Sciences in 2007 Skiing (Cross-country)