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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Look at the world poverty and environmental issues

Many guests! Two events were organized around the end of the year.

On December 15, the Waseda Institute for Global Health and the Waseda Volunteer Center organized a talk session “MISIA & Mitsuo Shindo talk about children’s lives in the world through Art and Music.” The purpose of this event was to explore the possibility of social contribution by the power of art and music.

While explaining the environment surrounding the children in Africa, MISIA (picture, below, left) and Mr. Shindo talked about the current situation of “Child Africa,” an education support program, their own experience through activities, and their beliefs, and their motivation for the activities.

During the Questions and Answers session, the participants asked many questions. One student said “I cannot imagine the current situation.” To this student, MISIA answered with a key word, “imagination.”

During the interview, MISIA emphasized the importance of learning continuously and also gave the following message to the students; “Please understand the big world. And please make a wonderful society for those people you care.”

On December 21, a fair-trade event, composed of two parts, was organized at the Okuma Auditorium. The first part was a talk show (picture, below, right), facilitated by Mr. Kenta Watanabe (Sophomore of School of Commerce, member of the Broadcasting study group) and Mr. Naoya Kaneko (Head of cafaire). The talk show had fashion model Ms. Ai Tominaga and fashion journalist Ms. Yoshiko Ikoma as guests. The two guests are adapting fair-trade goods into their daily lives, and they exchanged their opinions on the possibility of fair-trade fashion and the reason for the difficulties of its dissemination, etc..

The second part was a fashion show by student models (upper picture), who were wearing actual clothing obtained through fair-trade. In order to renew the “image of the fair-trade clothing as having strong ethnic/organic colors,” which is one of the reasons for those clothing to be not very popular yet, the fashion show was coordinated based on the concept that fair trade clothing can be fashionable. Between the first and second show, Ms. Safia Minney, who is the head of People Tree, a store specialized in the fair-traded goods, talked about the attractiveness of the fair-trade fashion.

Picture =Mitsuo Shindo (C.T.P.P.)

(From left) Wataanbe, Kaneko, Ikoma, Tominaga