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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Various exhibit at theater museum and Aizu Museum

Modern theater, Joruri, Illustration. Introducing the footsteps of the great people in the history

Display of the illustration of Junichi Nakahara

From this fall to spring, various exhibits were convened at the Tsubouchi Memorial Theater Museum and the Aizu Museum.

At the Theater Museum, an exhibit, “ Shogo Ota: Gazing at the “land” and “figure” of life,” was held to introduce the footsteps of Shogo Ota, a playwright and producer (September 20 to February 5). Through various materials and pictures, the exhibit conveyed the appeal of Ota, who began his theater activities in the 1960s, the “era of bustle” and has established his own style of “silent play.” The museum also exhibited the “Sosuke Namiki - the golden period of Joruri” (December 1 to January 31). In this exhibit, they introduced the life of Namiki, who rarely received recognition as so much as a solo despite his work as a leading author of Ningyo Joruri after Monzaemon Chikamatsu.

The Aizu Museum exhibited the “Junichi Nakahara and the illustrations of 'Girl’s Friend’: donated works by Mikiko and Uchiyama and Miwako Ito” (January 25 to February 4). At this exhibit, they displayed the works of illustrator, Junichi Nakahara, who had given dreams to many girls on the cover page of the magazine 'Girl’s Friend’ from the early Showa era to the postwar era. The visitors were fascinated by the sparkling eyes of the girls, which is the characteristics of the illustration of Nakahara.

Posters and pictures of the stages by Ota

Pictures of acters of the work by Sosuke