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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Celebrating a new year: “Waseda no Eiko (Glory of Waseda)” was also sung in chorus

Waseda University, New Year Concert 2010

Students of the Philharmonic Orchestra

To celebrate the New Year and wish for a happy New Year, “Waseda University New Year Concert 2010” was convened on January 9 at the Okuma Auditorium. The main concept of the concert was “Pure Wiener Waltz.” It was the first concert as memorable cultural event of our university.

Approximately 1,000 people including guests, alumni, students, their parents, community people, and teachers joined the concert. Joyful and festive music of Johann Strauss family such as waltzes and polkas were played by the Waseda Philharmonic Orchestra, which played for the university’s cultural event for the first time.

Young and refreshing performance, humorous comments by the conductor, matched with the love of music by the audience made the concert an exciting one. The audience exclaimed bravo several times to the wonderful performance. The audience clapped in rhythm to regular encore music such as “The Blue Danube” and “Radetzky-Marsch.” In the end, everyone sang the “Waseda no Eiko (Glory of Waseda)” in chorus with the background of the orchestra. It was a harmonious end of the performance that was appropriate for the New Year.