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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Your meal will lead to the support to children in Africa

The “TABLE FOR TWO” Program began

This week’s menu is “Healthy Donburi with billfish and vegetables”

Out of 6.7 billion people in the world, 1 billion are starving, while another 1 billion are suffering from the diseases caused by over consumption such as obesity. In order to resolve this serious inequality of food, a NPO “TABLE FOR TWO International” was established in fall 2007 in Japan. For a purchase of one designated healthy meal or food by a person in developed country, 1 school meal (20 yen) per a child in developing country will be donated.

The cafeteria “Nantei” in the first floor of Okuma Kaikan, where the University Headquarter is located, began to offer this TFT lunch menu from January 13 on every Wednesday. Mr. Masahisa Kogure, the Board and Executive Director of TFT, is an alumnus of our university (School of Science and Engineering, 1995), and in connection with him, President Sirai was appointed to be the Chair of the TFT Support Committee in December 2009. Through this opportunity, the TFT program was introduced in the cafeteria of our university. On the first day, 34% of the people who ate at the cafeteria choose the TFT menu. This program is also nutritious. The other cafeterias within the university are also planning to adapt this menu. For example, the students’ cafeteria at the Co-op will introduce this menu in May.