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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Intensive discussion on the change of government in Japan

U.S.-Japan Research Institute provided series of seminars in Washington D.C.

On February 1 and 2, the U.S. NPO, U.S.-Japan Research Institute (USJI), organized a series of seminars in Washington D.C. USJI is a think-tank, jointly established by Kyoto University, Keio University, University of Tokyo, Ritsumeikan University, and Waseda University in April 2009 in Washington D.C. Its purpose is to undertake research to contribute to the process of decision making among political leaders and corporate leaders of Japan and the U.S. (Secretariat: Waseda University)

The two-day seminar was titled “How will key policies of the Hatoyama Administration impact U.S.-Japan relations.” The seminar was divided into three individual seminars based on the key polities, namely 1) Energy and Environmental Policy, 2) East Asian situation and U.S.-Japan Alliance, and 3) The East Asian Community and APEC. Over 500 people from research institutions, corporations, and government from Japan and the U.S. had participated in the seminar and discussed the establishment of trust relationships at the time of regime change. In the evening of the second day, there was also a reception hosted by Mr. Ichiro Fujisaki, the Ambassador of Japan to the U.S., at his official residence, and the participants deepened their interactions.

Based on this seminar, USJI is going to carry out wide-range of research, focusing on the above-mentioned three themes, and disseminate the results globally.

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