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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Lecture by Mr. Roos, United States Ambassador to Japan

Emphasizing the importance of Japan-U.S. alliance

On January 29, Mr. John V. Roos, United States Ambassador to Japan, gave a lecture entitled “the Enduring Importance of our Security Alliance” at the Masaru Ibuka Auditorium (Picture). This event was convened as a result of our university’s collaborative relationships with higher academic institutions in the US for over half a century as well as the Ambassador’s strong belief in “the importance of involving young students in the discussion of Japan-U.S. alliance.”

In his speech, the Ambassador praised our university for its “concern for stability and progress in Asia” and pointed out “the importance of educational exchanges between Japan and the U.S.” He also underscored the importance of Japan-U.S. alliance, saying that the U.S.-Japan Alliance is the cornerstone of peace and “our two countries can take pride in the fact that the U.S.-Japan Alliance has provided a half-century of peace in East Asia.” Furthermore, Mr. Roos mentioned “we are two of the most innovative countries in the world” and looked forward to “redoubling of our joint efforts to strengthen our core security partnership while broadening our cooperation across the range of global concerns.” At the end of his speech, the 450 audience, including students, gave him a round of applause.