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Early Spring Issue (Mar.)


Presenting an example of inter-university collaboration between Japan and China

“Waseda University Day” at the Fudan University in China

President Shirai is receiving memento from President Yang (center right)

On December 22 and 23, 2009, “Waseda University Day” was carried out by Fukutan University (Shanghai city) and Waseda University to disseminate the results of the long-term academic interaction between the two universities. At the opening ceremony, Dr. Yang Yu Liang, the president of the Fukutan University, Mr. Yutaka Yokoi, Consul General of Japan in Shanghai, and Dr. Sirai, President of Waseda University made remarks. Afterward, various activities were carried out including a seminar to discuss new ways to collaboratively educate students across universities by Fukutan University, Waseda University, and Chinese University of Hong Kong, a special lecture by a faculty of Waseda University, a social event called “industry-academia-government cooperation and professional development,” a panel discussion (“our experiences of overseas education for the Double Degrees Program”) by students who are pursuing double degrees from both Waseda and Fukutan Universities, and a symposium organized by the Graduate School of Journalism of both universities.

In November 2008, Waseda University also organized the “Fukutan University Day” to present the results of the two universities’ past interaction and human resource development. It became the place to widely disseminate the collaboration between the two universities in Japan and China