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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Joint development of technology to prevent the leakage of information shared between corporations

Enabling the tracing of leakage channels for mediums such as electronic files and printed material

The press conference was the subject of media attention.

In cooperation with Okayama University, Hitachi, NEC, and NEC System Technologies, the research laboratory of Professor Naohisa Komatsu, Faculty of Science and Engineering, has developed technology to prevent the leakage of information through electronic files, printed materials, and other mediums shared by multiple organizations.

Even if internal measures are implemented to prevent leakage, there are cases in which corporate information is leaked from other corporation to which business has been consigned. Therefore, there is a need for measures to prevent the leakage of information shared between multiple organizations. The point of the technology developed by Professor Komatsu's laboratory is "history management". The technology enables the accurate acquirement and management of an operation history for information without decreasing the efficiency of work. In the event that information leakage occurs, it can quickly be determined which organization the information was leaked from. This makes it possible to reduce further information leakage and other secondary damage to the lowest possible level.