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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Towards the establishment of a Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy

Future Energy Forum

On November 11th, the 2nd Future Energy Forum was held on the Nishi-Waseda Campus in order to commemorate the establishment of a Cooperative Major in Nuclear Energy scheduled for next academic year at the Graduate School of Advanced Science and Engineering. The forum was conducted under the theme of "development of professionals and the role of nuclear energy in the realization of a low-carbon society". The forum began with a speech from Mr. Hideo Nakamura, President of Tokyo Metropolitan University. Tokyo Metropolitan University will participate in the joint establishment of the major. Furthermore, a congratulatory address was given by Mr. Toru Ishida, Director of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, and a keynote lecture was delivered by Mr. Shunsuke Kondo, Chairperson of the Cabinet Atomic Energy Commission and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo. After these events, a variety of presentations and announcements were held, and the forum exuded the feeling of high expectations for the new major.

Both the Master's Program and the Doctoral Program of the Cooperative major in Nuclear Energy are scheduled to open from April of 2010. Applications are currently being accepted from adult students and recurrent students, and applications for general admission and advanced placement admission (both to be implemented in February) will begin from January.