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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Expectations for steps towards constructing an East Asia Collective

Special lecture by Mr. Kim Yung-Sam, former President of Korea

Mr. Kim Yung-Sam, former President of the Republic of Korea and an Honorary Doctor of Waseda University (presented in March of 1994) visited Waseda on October 27th and gave a lecture at Azusa Ono Memorial Auditorium. During the opening of his speech, the former President stated that many graduates of Waseda University were among the forerunners who created the base for the founding of Korea, a country which greeted its 60th anniversary in 2008. Furthermore, while alluding to the change of government which recently occurred in Japan, Mr. Kim expressed his expectations for cooperation between Japan and Korea in the construction of an East Asia Collective. The former President closed his speech by quoting a haiku of Yosa Buson: "The blossoms of the plum tree seem fond of blooming at their own pace."