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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Reflecting on an outstanding record of working for Japan-China friendship

Photographic Exhibition: "Mr. Zhou Enlai and Japan"

A photographic exhibition entitled "Mr. Zhou Enlai and Japan" was held from October 28th to November 8th. The exhibition reflected on Mr. Zhou's outstanding record of work for friendship between Japan and China. On display were photographs from the time that Mr. Zhou spent studying in Japan as a youth, as well as photographs and reference materials showing his contributions to the history of Japan-China relations as the first Prime Minister of the People's Republic of China. The exhibition introduced the achievements and personality of Mr. Zhou to students responsible for Japan-China friendship in the future, and was a perfect opportunity to retrace the history of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China, and to construct positive relations between the two countries in the future.

A symposium was also held on October 28th, the first day of the photographic exhibition. The symposium featured debate regarding questions such as "In order to further develop Japan-China relations, what can be learned from the achievements of Prime Minister Zhou Enlai?" and "How can strong bonds based on trust be constructed between the two countries?" Individuals such as Mr. Wang Xiao Xian, vice president of Japan-China Friendship Association who served as translator for Prime Minister Zhou, and Ms. Kazuko Mouri, Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, participated in the debate. Former Japan Prime Minister Tomiichi Murayama was also present at the venue, and the event ended to great success.