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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Evaluating a new age and the force of a new type of literary production

Awarding the 2nd Waseda University Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize

In memory of the outstanding record of work left by Tsubouchi Shoyo, the father of modern Japanese literature, the Waseda University Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize is award to individuals and groups that have contributed to a wide range of fields including literature and art. On November 13th, an awards ceremony for the 2nd Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize was held at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. The ceremony was attended by First Prize winner Ms. Yoko Tawada and Incentive Prize winner Mr. Noboru Kiuchi, and both attendees discussed their happiness at receiving the awards.

Ms. Tawada's work is based out of Germany and she has continued to produces works in both the Japanese and German languages. She has also held more than 700 public readings throughout the world. "The name 'Tsubouchi Shoyo' brings to mind the keywords of translation and drama," said Ms. Tawada. "Both of these keywords are essential elements to my literary activities, and I am therefore particularly pleased at receiving this award." Mr. Kiuchi began his creative activities after working as an editor of a magazine. "Nothing can be achieved without the cooperation of others," said a smiling Mr. Kiuchi. "In the future, I hope to write one work after another, and to avoid disappointing my passionate editor!"

The Waseda University Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize was established in 2007 in order to commemorate Waseda's 125th anniversary. The prize is awarded every other year. For the 1st Tsubouchi Shoyo Prize, the First Prize was awarded to Mr. Haruki Murakami and the Incentive Prize was awarded to Ms. Mieko Kawakami.