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New Year Issue (Jan.)


The Impelling Force of "WASEDA Next 125"

With gratitude to all supporters

Waseda University receives the support and cooperation of numerous individuals for a variety of projects that include the strengthening and enhancement of education and research. In addition to expressing our heartfelt gratitude towards such support, we shall answer the expectations of our supporters by pushing forward and striving to exist as a university capable of exuding a global presence.

Commemorative nameplates for donors to anniversary projects

On November 1st, in honor of individuals who cooperated in the "School of Science and Engineering 100th Anniversary Fund-Raising Project for the Strengthening of Education and Research", nameplates (see photograph) were installed at Building No. 63 (Science & Engineering 100th Anniversary Memorial Building) of the Nishi-Waseda Campus. The School of Science and Engineering greeted its 100th anniversary in 2008, and generous support for anniversary funding-raising was received from a great number of individuals.

Furthermore, the final installation of nameplates for donors cooperating in the "125th Anniversary Project Fund-Raising Program" was performed at the 1st floor lobby of Okuma Auditorium. After this final installation, a total of 21,232 names of private individuals, 966 foundation names, and 1,496 corporate names have been engraved in the nameplates.

Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2009

The Waseda University Boosters Association, founded in 1994, was renewed as the Waseda Supporters Club from this academic year. The club is a fund-raising system of Waseda University that provides various services. Fixed monetary donations are received every year as annual membership fees, and the donations are used for the financial support of various projects including the development of educational environment, the support of sports, and management of scholarship systems.

The mini-symposium featured lively debate.

On November 20th, an event entitled "A Gathering with Waseda Supporters: The Waseda Supporters Club Executive Forum 2009" was held at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. The event was held for Special Members (individuals presented with honorary titles by Waseda University) of the Waseda Supporters Club. After listening to a mini-symposium under the themes of "Change in Government: Future Foreign Policy Viewed from an Asia Perspective", attendees deepened mutual friendships at a reception that included participation from university executives, as well as directors, coaches, and athletes from various athletic clubs. Attendees enjoyed an event that overflowed with the appeal of Waseda University.