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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Accepting Chinese and Taiwanese Students to the Waseda University Graduate School Master's Program

Establishment of the Ting Hsin International Group and Scholarship System

President Shirai and Director-General Wei shake hands.

On October 21st, a press conference entitled "Ting Hsin International Group: Tingyi (Cayman Islands) Holding Corporation Scholarship System" was held in Shanghai. The press conference was attended Mr. Ing-Chou Wei, Director-General of the Ting Hsin International Group, and by President Shirai.

This scholarship system is supported by the Ting Hsin International Group, a major food product business group in China. The system targets outstanding students currently studying at universities in China and Taiwan who have the desire to study at Waseda University. The system enables the acceptance of such students as regular students to the Waseda University Graduate School Master's Program. Approximately 3 million yen in scholarship funds are granted per individual over a 2 year period to assist in the payment of tuition fees and living expenses. This is the largest scholarship system at Waseda University, and offers the highest class of scholarship funds that can be applied for by foreign students wishing to study in Japan.

The first issuance of scholarship funds will begin from September of 2010. The funds will be granted to approximately 40 students from 7 universities including Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Zhejiang University, Tongji University, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, National Taiwan University, and National Chengchi University. Future plans call for the acceptance of approximately 425 students over a 5 year period, with all universities in China and Taiwan being targeted.