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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Award for an Outstanding Research Record

Selection made for the 2009 Okuma Memorial Academic Prize

Professor Oba gives an acceptance speech for his award.(Left), Professor Hori gives an acceptance speech for his award.(Right)

The Okuma Memorial Academic Prize, named after university founder Shigenobu Okuma, was established with the goal of promoting academics. The category of the "Okuma Academic Commemorative Prize" was awarded to full-time faculty of Waseda University who possess outstanding research records and who have made remarkable contributions to the improvement of academic standards. Individuals selected for the Okuma Academic Commemorative Prize are listed below. The awards ceremony was held on October 20th at Okuma Kaikan, and the First Place Prize and Supplementary Prize were awarded by President Shirai.

Name Research Theme
Mr. Ichiro Oba (Professor at the Faculty of Science & Engineering) Research regarding the fundamental issues of quantum theory.
Mr. Katsuhiko Shirai (Professor at the Faculty of Science & Engineering) Fundamental research in communication science and application of results to information and communication technology.
Mr. Makiyo Hori (Professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics) Mitsugi Nishida and the Fascist Movement in Japan

*An award ceremony for President Shirai will be held at an appropriate time.