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New Year Issue (Jan.)


Autumn Medals and The Japan Art Academy

High Evaluation for Waseda University Professors

Professor Egashira(Left) , Professor Yabuno(Right)

Among the presentation of Autumn Medals in 2009, Professor Kenjiro Egashira of the Faculty of Law was awarded with a Medal with Purple Ribbon that is given to "individuals with an outstanding record of inventions, refinements and creations in the fields of sciences and arts". Professor Egashira expressed his happiness at the award through the following statement: "It is an extremely pleasing development for this discipline that high evaluation has been given to the minor research fields of closely-held corporations and commercial transaction law." The presentation ceremony for the award was held on November 16th.

Furthermore, on December 15th, Professor Ken Yabuno of the Waseda University Art and Architecture School was appointed to the position of 1st Class (Fine Arts) Member of The Japan Art Academy. The appointment recognized Professor Yabuno's outstanding record of artistic activities. Previously, he has also been awarded the 2008 Japan Art Academy Prize for his western-style painting entitled "One Day on a Hill in Assisi".

Professor Yabuno gave the following comment regarding his latest honor: "Waseda is a place for the birth and cultivation of individuals. I embarked on the career of painter thanks to encounters with 3 professors-Mr. Kosei Ando, Mr. Otsuro Sakazaki, and Mr. Kenji Imai. I hope to exceed a domain that is similar to the 'engineering of expression' and perform education regarding artistic expression."