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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Continually advancing towards a new "Waseda"

Selected for the "Project for Establishing Core Universities for Internationalization (Global 30)"

Global 30 is a MEXT project that supports outstanding programs which, in the midst of increasingly severe global competition for acquiring personnel, seek to strengthen the international competitiveness of Japan's high school-level education and to provide an educational standard that is appealing to foreign exchange students. Furthermore, Global 30 supports programs which, in an atmosphere of joint learning with foreign exchange students, work to develop personnel who are capable of performing on an international stage. This year, the first year of the project, 13 programs (7 national universities and 6 private universities) were selected from a total of 22 applications. Waseda University is one of the selected programs.

Universities participating in the project are expected to perform activities such as the following:
1. Implement systems which enable the acquirement of degrees through English in undergraduate schools and graduate schools which possess international competitive ability.
2. Establish a dedicated staff (tutors and counselors) which provides foreign exchange students with lifestyle support, Japanese language education, and job searching support. Promote university entrance in September for foreign exchange students.
3. Establish overseas centers which perform one-stop services for the acceptance of foreign exchange students.

Waseda University has already taken steps to establish policies similar to the ones listed above. Our selection to the Global 30 program has given us the opportunity to further advance the theme of globalization, which is the highest priority issue at our university. One example of our globalization efforts is the establishment of degree courses through English in the 5 undergraduate schools and 6 graduate schools contained in the 3 faculties of Political Science and Economics, Science and Engineering, and Social Sciences. A detailed report of plans and implementation status will be given at a later date.