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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


This year is also full of events!

Campuses full of energy even during summer vacation

Suizokukan Gekijo (Aquarium Theater Group) performs "Tanima-no-Yuri"

On August 2nd, the Suizokukan Gekijo (Aquarium Theater Group) gave a street performance of "Tanima-no-Yuri (Lily of the Valley)" on a stage which was installed in front of the Tsubouchi Memorial Theater Museum (photograph). In the performance, two different actresses were double-casted for the single role of the legendary stripper Sayuri Ichijo. A long line was formed before the opening of the performance. Although the holding of the outdoor performance was uncertain due to intermittent rainfall, the rain stopped temporarily before the start time and the street performance was held successfully.

This was also the first university performance for the Suizokukan Gekijo, a theater group which focuses on outdoor performances. "I am surprised by the size of the audience, which is bigger than usual," said a fan who attended the performance. Also, one of the performers had the following impression: "I am happy to have the opportunity to give this kind of performance at a university. The administrative staff of Waseda was very kind and I enjoyed performing."

Open campuses held in various regions

A line of umbrellas at the Campus Tour reception desk

From the 1st to the 3rd of August, open campuses were held at each campus within Tokyo and Tokorozawa, as well as in Osaka (Umeda Sky Bldg.), in Fukuoka (Elgala Hall), and at Kansai University. The open campuses held in Osaka and Fukuoka included explanations regarding affiliated schools, and many attendees came to the events (see box on the right).

Although it was raining during the open campuses held in Tokyo, the number of attendees exceeded last year's event. Every explanation venue was filled to capacity.

22nd Unilab

The 22nd Unilab, a science festival for elementary and junior high school students, was held on August 5th. The festival was enlivened by the participation of approximately 1,600 attendees. Building No. 63 on the Nishi-Waseda Campus served as the main venue, and many children waited in line to apply for events such as the "Hands-On Experiment Corner" and the "Experiment Tour."

A total of 19 experiment workshops were held. At the "Let's Fly Strong and Unbreakable Bubbles!" workshop (for 1st and 2nd grade elementary school students), children worked directly under the guidance of Professor Akinori Komatsubara (Faculty of Science and Engineering) and attempted to create durable soap bubbles (photograph, upper). Also, in the "Let's Make a Lens!" workshop (for junior high school students), technical staff from Waseda University conducted a scientific explanation. Junior high school students participating in the workshop worked to construct lenses while deepening their understanding of the phenomenon of light (photograph, lower).