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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Capturing 2 medals, a gold and a silver, at the Swimming World Championships!

Junya Koga's outstanding performance in the 100 meter and 50 meter backstroke

Mr. Koga wears his two gold and silver medals on his chest and is congratulated by President Shirai

On July 28th, Junya Koga (4th year student at the School of Sport Sciences) posted a Japanese record of 52.26 seconds en route to a victory in the finals of the men's 100 meter backstroke at the Swimming World Championships held in Italy, Rome. Then, on August 2nd, he posted another Japanese record of 24.24 seconds in the finals of the men's 50 meter backstroke, taking second place in the event. Due to this outstanding performance, Mr. Koga captured two medals, gold and silver, at the same competition.

Mr. Koga comes from a family of athletes (his father was a member of the Waseda Track & Field Club). "I started swimming when I was 5 years old. For many years, my family warmly supported my efforts by preparing my special meals and by driving me to and from competitions and practices. My family never made a big deal of my performance when I came home from competitions, and I was happy to have their unchanging support," says Mr. Koga.

Mr. Koga also expressed his happiness by saying "I am very happy with how I performed at a major competition like the Swimming World Championships. At the same time, I am truly grateful to the staff which supported me during practice and competition, to the fans who cheered for me, and to all members of our university."