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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


Start of activities for American NPO established by 5 universities

US-Japan Research Institute holds symposium in Washington D.C.

Lively opinions were also given by the audience.

The NPO US-Japan Research Institute (USJI; Director: President Shirai) was established in Washington D.C. (America) in April of 2009 through the cooperation of Waseda University, Kyoto University, Keio University, the University of Tokyo, and Ritsumeikan University. The USJI held its first symposium in Washington D.C. on September 22nd. 220 attendees gathered to listen to discussion on the theme of "How Quickly Can We Recover from the Global Financial Crisis?" In regards to the financial crisis, predictions for the future were made based upon analysis of the past and present economic situations in Japan, America and Asia. Discussion was also held regarding the prevention of financial crises and the need to reform the global financial system. The symposium featured an energetic debate of the issues.

Furthermore, on the following day (September 23rd), a round table discussion was held addressing the theme of "Japan's New Government and US-Japan Relations." Japanese and American researchers gathered to exchange opinions regarding the specific orientation and role of projects advanced by the USJI. This discussion also addressed the aspects of the previous day's symposium, as well as the political orientation of Japan after the recent general elections.