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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


A Major Pillar of the Waseda University Scholarship System

Enhanced scholarships through the support of alumni

A scene from last year's Tomonsai (Homecoming Festival) (Okuma Garden)

Last year, the "Go For It! Miyako-no-Seihoku Scholarship"(*) was newly established through donations from the Waseda University Alumni Association, which is an alumni organization. Establishment of the scholarship was featured in newspapers and other media. This year, two new scholarships have been established through donations from the Alumni Association.

The first new scholarship made possible by donations from the Alumni Association is the "Alumni Association Overseas Foreign Study Scholarship." The scholarship targets students participating in foreign study programs at colleges of Oxford University and Cambridge University which are specified by the Waseda University Center for International Education. Each year, the scholarship grants 1.5 million yen per student with a maximum of 5 students. This year, 2 students beginning their foreign studies from autumn were selected for the scholarship.

The second new scholarship is named the "Tomonsai Scholarship." This scholarship originated at the request of the Executive Committee for the Alumni Association's tomonsai (Homecoming Festival) which is held every year in October. The scholarship grants 400 thousand yen per year to undergraduate students whose financial situation makes it difficult for them to obtain an education. (The Tomonsai Scholarship is scheduled to begin from 2010 and to make grants to approximately 20 students in the first year.) Commemorative items with attached lottery tickets will be sold at alumni events, and half of the proceeds will be used to fund the scholarship.

(*) This scholarship targets high school graduates in remote areas who are forced to abandon plans for a university education due to financial reasons. Candidates for the scholarship are determined by reviewing documentation before admissions application. This year's deadline is November 30th. Details are available on the homepage of the Scholarship Section.