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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


This Autumn's Departures & Encounters

Holding of September graduation ceremony & entrance ceremony

A graduation ceremony for the undergraduate schools and the Art and Architecture School and a presentation ceremony for graduate school degrees were held on September 20th. A large number of people attended the events. The ceremony featured a total of 855 graduates and students earning degrees, including 471 undergraduate students, 318 graduate students, 65 students receiving doctoral degrees, and 1 student from the Art and Architecture School. Each one of the students began their journey into a new world and their hearts were filled with the following words of encouragement from President Katsuhiko Shirai: "Today marks the beginning of your time in history. Thoroughly consider what path you should take, and take action beginning with what you are capable of doing, no matter how small of an action that may be. Graduates and degree earners, be proud of the education that you have received at Waseda and live your life with high aspirations."

An entrance ceremony for the undergraduate schools and graduate schools was held the following day, September 21st. A total of 760 new students (a total of 225 students in the School of Commerce and the Faculty of International Liberal Studies, and a total of 535 graduate students) passed through the gate of Waseda University (see photograph).

President Shirai sent the following message to the new students: "During your time as a student at Waseda University, I hope that each one of you maximizes your personal potential. It is my heartfelt expectation that you will develop the abundant spirit, knowledge, and strength needed to boldly challenge a new era and new issues."