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Autumn Issue (Nov.)


A New Center of Learning in Tokorozawa

Completion of Building No. 101; Celebration held at the completion ceremony

Building No. 101 and a bridge leading to the 2nd floor entrance.

The construction of Waseda University Building No. 101 was completed and a completion ceremony was held on July 30th. Building 101 will serve as a center for the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Sports Sciences, and will be used as a classroom and a research building in order to advance education and research which focuses on the 21st century.

Building No. 101 is a three floor building with a total floor area of 10,144.56m2. The building was constructed in a form that considers the nature which surrounds the Tokorozawa Campus. Building No. 101 is expected to alleviate concern regarding the lack of classrooms and research facilities on the Tokorozawa Campus, an issue that has existed since the campus was changed to a two undergraduate school system with the founding of the School of Sports Sciences in 2003.

The completion ceremony was attended by donors, members of the design and construction staff, and a large number of faculty and staff from the Faculty of Human Sciences and the Faculty of Sports Sciences. President Shirai made that following statement at the ceremony: "A truly wonderful building has been completed that will further increase the quality of educational and research activities on the Tokorozawa Campus. I would like to thank everyone here today from the bottom of my heart. I have high expectations regarding the major contributions that Building No. 101 will make to the development of global leaders who possess deep academic knowledge and who are rich in humanity."