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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Showing all of Waseda's international exchanges

Waseda Global Festival 2009

Finals of a singing contest of Japanese songs by foreign students (Okuma Garden House 2nd Floor)

The Waseda Global Fiesta 2009 is an international festival that was held on the 19th and 20th of June in order to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of establishing the International Community Center. A total of 22 groups gathered at the event, including student circles and university institutions related to international exchange.

An exhibition was held with booths of each circle and group, and introductions were given regarding daily activities through themes such as food and foreign study. Also, the finals were held for a singing contest of Japanese songs by foreign students. All 8 of the groups which advanced to the finals sang with great passion, but victory went to "Asian Beauties", a group composed of a pair of students who were born in Asia and sang Mikazuki (Crescent Moon).

English Lesson Corner (Okuma Garden House 1st Floor)

The final show was held at Okuma Auditorium and featured a special guest appearance by the singer-songwriter JYONGRI, who is currently studying at the School of International Liberal Studies. The excitement of the crowd reached a pitch when JYONGRI performed her new song. 2,500 participants gathered during the two days of the event, and the festival was closed with everyone resolving their commitment to "bringing Waseda to the world and bringing the world to Waseda".