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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


"Night Patrol Instructor", message of the spirit

Lecture to prevent drug use held by Mr. Osamu Mizutani

On June 12th, as part of activities to prevent drug use, "Night Patrol Instructor" Mr. Osamu Mizutani was invited and a lecture was held at Okuma Auditorium. Many students, faculty and staff converged on the venue and the lecture was delivered to a packed house.

Mr. Mizutani is widely known as the "Night Patrol Instructor". Through his late-night patrols in entertainment districts, he has had interactions with many young people. Mr. Mizutani works to prevent delinquency and the spread of drug use, and also helps young people to rehabilitate themselves in functioning members of society.

Through his actual experience during night patrol, Mr. Mizutani delivered a powerful speech on topics such as why it is unacceptable to try drugs, how drugs drive people to ruin, and the effects of drug dependency.

Many students shared their impression of the lecture by saying that "I realized that I must not lose the life that I received from my parents to drugs" and "the lecture was a good opportunity to reconsider what I am capable of doing in regards to the issues of marijuana and drugs".