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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


From lectures to tours

Enhancement of partnership cooperation with Saga Prefecture

In December of 2006, a comprehensive partnership agreement was concluded with Saga Prefecture, the home prefecture of Shigenobu Okuma, and a variety of projects are currently being advanced. High acclaim has been earned for the Kyushu "Mecca of Learning" project, in which instructors from Waseda University go onsite or use remote communication to hold lectures on culture and lifelong learning. Furthermore, young instructors from Saga Prefecture also participate in the "Okuma Region Creation Lecture", an intensive summer course held in Saga Prefecture by the Okuma School of Public Management. As part of this course, students perform fieldwork under the guidance of instructors and makes proposals for political policies.

Recently, the "Travel in Saga, Home of the Meiji Restoration" event was held in March. This event featured travel accompanied by Waseda University instructors. In the afternoon, participants toured locales such as the home in which Okuma was born (see photograph) and Bodai Temple. Participants also visited the Saga Castle History Museum in order to listen to the eloquent speech given at the general election by Okuma. In the evening, a mini-lecture was held which used a lively format to convey the achievements and episodes of Okuma. Participating alumni expressed their admiration for the deepness of Okuma's characters, and related how they were able to gain a new perspective regarding the founder of their alma mater.

Additionally, partnerships are being advanced with Saga City, Karatsu City, and Saga University. The exchange between Saga Prefecture and Waseda University continues to broaden.