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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Mr. Takuya Okada honored with a plate

A memorial honorary plate set in the atrium of Building No. 11

Mr. Okada (right) stands in front of the honorary plate with President Shirai

Building No. 11 was completed in February of this year and serves as a center for the Faculty of Commerce and the School of International Liberal Studies, overflowing with the energy of students. In the 5th floor atrium of this building, and opening ceremony was held on May 28th for a "Takuya Okada Memorial" plate in honor of Mr. Takuya Okada (Honorary Chairman and Advisor to Aeon Group, 1948 graduate of the Faculty of Commerce.

Mr. Okada served as Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Waseda University and as Chairman of the Waseda University Congregation. Also, he made great contributions to the construction of Building No. 11 by serving as Chairman of the Fund-Raising Committee for the 125th Anniversary Project.