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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Significant contributions to international cultural exchange between Japan and Spain

Professor Masayuki Irie receives the Murano Togo Prize

On July 1st, Professor Masayuki Irie of the Faculty of Science and Engineering (bottom-left of photograph) was awarded the 22nd Murano Togo Prize for his work "Experimental Unit/masia 2008" (published in Shinkenchiku Magazine in September 2008; top photograph and bottom-right photograph). This work involved the repair and restoration of ruined masia, which are traditional stone homes in the Catalonia region of Spain.

The work of Professor Irie has received high praise for significant contributions to cultural exchange with Spain. While emphasizing the original form of stone masonry walls, Professor Irie reinforced the structure with a steel skeleton. He redefined the project as a stage for galvanizing the intuition that the origin of architecture is residing in a structure. Furthermore, he created a harmony between the walls which have been raised by the earth and long history of the region, the stones which lie below, the iron which has rusted to a red color, and the steel which has been polished black.