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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Recipient of the Waseda University Award for Distinguished Service to Art

Lecture held by Mr. Taku Miki

Writer and Waseda alumnus Mr. Taku Miki (shown in photograph), a recipient of the Waseda University Award for Distinguished Service to Art (presented in April of 2009), was invited to the university and a lecture was held at Ono Memorial Hall on May 28th.

The first portion of the lecture was entitled "My Training Period". This portion of the lecture discusses Mr. Miki's philosophy that "poems are tension, like jumping high into the air" and other origins of creation for his works that hold an important position in modern literature. Also, Mr. Miki discussed the appeal of literature with a focus on his representative works.

In the second portion of the lecture, Mr. Miki engaged in a discussion with literary critic Mr. Koichiro Tomioka. A number of episodes were revealed regarding the work Roji, for which Mr. Miki was awarded the 33rd Tanizaki Junichiro Prize. Mr. Miki wrote Roji upon feeling that Kamakura is a respite for the soul where people who bear some affliction gather to be assuaged. Initially, he intended to release the work under the title of "Kamakura" but changed the title after being told that it sounded like the title of a tour book. The large audience listened with great interest to this and other anecdotes.