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Midsummer Issue (Jul.)


Seeking to make further contributions to the field of science and engineering

New framework agreements concluded with 2 institutions

Joint Graduate School with Tokyo City University "Joint Major in Nuclear Engineering and Management" scheduled to open in April 2010

Tokyo City University President Hideo Nakamura (left) and President Shirai hold the signed agreement.

On April 27th, Waseda University and Tokyo City University (President: Mr. Hideo Nakamura) concluded a framework agreement with the objective of promoting exchange and partnership in education and research activities. Specific projects which are currently under consideration include the establishment of the Joint Major in Nuclear Engineering and Management, a joint graduate school related to the nuclear field. The graduate school is scheduled to be established in April of 2010. Furthermore, consideration is being given to the establishment of a "Future Energy Graduate School Forum"(*).

We hope to create a partnership between the forum and a joint graduate school that performs top-level education and research with a focus on future energy, nuclear engineering, and application of accelerators and radiation. We hope that the graduate school and forum will fulfill a central role in research, education and the development of professionals.

(*)This forum consists of a partnership between corporations, government agencies, and a university coalition centered on Waseda University and Tokyo City University and also including cooperating universities such as Keio University, Meiji University and Rikkyo University. The forum seeks to promote energy research and education, and to invigorate the energy industry.

Agreement with JAXA (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency) regarding a broad range of fields within the aerospace field

On May 29th, Waseda University concluded a partnership cooperation agreement with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Director: Mr. Keiji Tachikawa, hereafter referred to as "JAXA") for the purpose of contributing to the growth of academic research, education, and aerospace science technology in Japan.

JAXA Director Keiji Tachikawa (right) shakes hands with President Shirai

Until now, the Faculty of Science and Engineering has played a central role in partnership activities conducted with JAXA. However, interdisciplinary cooperation with areas such as social sciences and humanities has become essential in the aerospace field, thus leading to the conclusion of this agreement.

Joint research from fundamentals to application and cooperation in areas other than aeronautical science and engineering is scheduled as the main contents of the partnership cooperation. Regarding the former, joint work is currently being performed to prepare for the launch of the compact secondary satellite WASEDA-SAT2, which will be part of a piggy-back launch with a Venus exploration vehicle scheduled for launch on the H-IIA Rocket. Furthermore, a plan is being advanced to equip Kibo, the Japanese experimental module of the International Space Station, with large-scale experimental facilities which are currently the subject of R&D by Waseda University. In addition, other new joint research projects are being started.

In regards to the latter, consideration is being given to new systems for a broad partnership unlike any that has existed before. Such activities include cooperation in space education that includes the affiliated high schools of Waseda University, as well as cooperation in general education activities.