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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Rock carvings of a noble woman using hieroglyphs

Discovery of the stone coffin of Princess Isisnofret, granddaughter of Ramesses II

The stone coffin which housed the mummy of Isisnofret (after cleaning). © Institute of Egyptology Waseda University

The Joint Egypt Expedition between Waseda University and Cyber University (Expedition Leader: Sakuji Yoshimura, President of Cyber University and Visiting Professor of Waseda University) discovered the burial chamber and stone coffin of Princes Isisnofret, who is thought to be the granddaughter of Ramessess II (1279 to 1213 B.C.), the 19th Royal Pharaoh of the New Kingdom Period. The discovery was made at a site on the southern hillside of Abusir, which is located 40 kilometers south-southwest of Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

A daughter named Isisnofret belonged to Prince Khaemwaset, who was the Crown Prince and son of Ramessess II. The tomb of Isisnofret was discovered close to the funeral hall of Prince Khaemwaset. Due to the symbols for women of the royal family which were written on the coffin, the expedition determined that the coffin which was discovered was that of Prince Khaemwaset's daughter Isisnofret.

Since the grave of the daughter of Prince Khaemwaset was discovered, it is expected that the graves of Prince Khaemwaset himself, as well as those of his wife and son, will be discovered in the surrounding area in the future. Furthermore, this is the first time that a grave has been discovered on the hilltop of Abusir, and the discovery served to change the distribution of graves from the New Kingdom Area which had been discovered until now.