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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Seeking the fusion of medicine and architecture

Agreement regarding research fields with Juntendo University

From left, Vice-President Akira Nishitani and President Shirai; Juntendo University President Hideoki Ogawa and Dean of medical school Yasuhiko Tomino

March 16th marked the beginning of joint research with Juntendo University (Director Hideoki Ogawa; President Eiki Kominami) for the fusion of medicine and architecture. An agreement was also concluded regarding the research fields.

Major contents of research include research relating to next-generation environmental medicine, research relating to an eco-campus hospital, research relating to hospital construction, architectural engineering relating to hospital and medical systems, and researcher exchange. Juntendo University is currently planning a large-scale restructuring of their Hongo Campus. In order to realize an eco-campus hospital during the reconstruction, our plan for the future is to advance a partnership through joint research in the field of ecology.

Furthermore, a memorial symposium which lasted for several days was held by both universities.