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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Research cooperation through a 4 university consortium in "nano- and microscience/engineering

Keio University/Waseda University/Tokyo Institute of Technology/University of Tokyo Basic agreement with Kawasaki City regarding establishment of a research center and promotion of industrial-academic alliance

From left, President Yuichiro Anzai of Keio University, President Shirai, President Hiroshi Komiyama of the University of Tokyo, and President Kenichi Iga of the Tokyo Institute of Technology

On January 29th, the Nano- and Microfabrication Consortium composed of Waseda University, Keio University, the Tokyo Institute of Technology and the University of Tokyo (hereafter referred to as the "4 University Consortium" concluded a basic agreement with Kawasaki City. The agreement relates to the creation of significant research results in "nano- and microscience/engineering", which is expected to serve as a fundamental technology which will contribute to the vitalization of Kawasaki City and industries relating to medicine, the environment, and energy. This technology is also expected to contribute to the development of Japan as a world-leader in science and technology and to the improvement of people's lifestyles. The agreement also defines actions for mutual cooperation between industry and academia in order to promote an industrial-academic alliance that fully utilizes the results of research.

The 4 University Consortium is a joint project to promote engineering research in the uncultivated field referred to as "extended nano space (10nm to 1 μm)". A research institute which focuses on nano- and microfabrication technology will be established in Kawasaki City, which is known as a "manufacturing city and a R&D city" because of its high concentration of R&D organizations and corporations possessing high-level technology. The institute will conduct research and education in the field of nano- and microscience/engineering, and promote cooperation with corporations that are the leaders of a manufacturing industry which seeks the development of new, advanced technology and the creation of new products and industries.