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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


The start of a journey for 12,580 graduates. A fresh encounter for 13,314 new students.

2008 Graduation Ceremony, 2009 Entrance Ceremony

The 2008 Undergraduate School/Art and Architecture School Graduation Ceremony and the Graduate School Degree Conferment Ceremony were held on March 25th. Although it began to rain in the middle of the ceremonies, the campus was made vibrant by colorful long-sleeved kimono and hakama (upper photograph). A total of 12,580 students graduate on this day, including 9,695 undergraduate students, 106 students from the Art and Architecture School, 1,909 Master's Degree students, 699 Professional Degree students and 171 Doctoral Degree students. We firmly believe that "students developed at Waseda University were undoubtedly 'developed for the good of society'". The graduates were urged on by encouraging words from President Katsuhiko Shirai to "move forward with the confidence of a Waseda Graduate", and each graduate embarked on their own path in life.

Conversely, the 2009 Entrance Ceremony (undergraduate school/graduate school) was held on the 1st and 2nd of April. Waseda University greeted a total of 13,314 new students, including 10,147 undergraduate students and 3,167 graduate students (lower photograph). President Katsuhiko Shirai gave voice to his expectations for the new students by delivering the following message: "I hope that you will achieve the "independence" of being able to think and act using your own ability, without help or guidance from others. I hope that you will achieve the "autonomy" of possessing a strong sense of morality as a global citizen and of acting in accordance with your own discipline and morals. Realize a youth that is full of value and experience, and fully enjoy the delight of intellectual pursuits. Finally, develop into professionals who are global leaders and who possess the mission of contributing to the good of mankind and the good of society."