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Spring Verdure Issue (May)


Becoming the center of the School of International Liberal Studies, Faculty of Commerce

Completion ceremony for the new Building No. 11

Construction has been completed for Waseda University Building No. 11, which was built as part of the 125th Anniversary Project, and a completion ceremony was held on February 24th. As the center of the School of International Liberal Studies, Faculty of Commerce, Building No. 11 will serve to promote advanced education and research with a focus on the 21st century.

In Building No. 11, the entrance hall (1st floor), student reading room (1st floor basement) and horseshoe-shaped classrooms (9th floor, 2 classrooms) are installed with award plates which contain the names of contributors who made large donations to fundraising-efforts of the 125th Anniversary Project (refer to the photographic caption for a list of names). Also, the student lounge (2nd floor) is decorated with the work "A Gilded Folding Screen of singsing", which was donated by the Japanese-style painter Mr. Masami Yamada.

Ting Hsin International Group Memorial Student Reading Room (at right is company President Mr. Yin-Heng Wei)

Daiwa Securities Group Memorial Entrance Hall (at right is company Chief Operating Office Mr. Seiji Nakata)

M-OUT Memorial Classroom (at right is company Vice-President Mr. Masao Fujino)

Akihide Fukuda Memorial Classroom (at right is Mr. Akihide Fukuda)

Japanese-Style Painting "A Gilded Folding Screen of singsing"(at right is Mr. Masami Yamada)