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In memory of Mr. Tetsuya Chikushi

Holding of 2 memorial symposiums

"How to accede Tetsuya Chikushi?"

2 memorial symposiums were held in memory of the late alumni Mr. Tetsuya Chikushi.

On December 13th, the symposium "How to accede Tetsuya Chikushi?-Reexamining the Man & His Thoughts and Actions" (Ono Memorial Hall) was held by the Institute of Media Culture of the Okuma School of Public Management. Professor Yasuhiro Tase of the Okuma School of Public Management presided over the symposium, and the event included guests speakers Mr. Keiichi Katsura (former professor at University of Tokyo, Social Information Institute), Mr. Kenichi Shimomura (journalist), Professor Jiro Mori (Institute of Media Culture) and Mr. Shinobu Yoshioka (non-fiction writer). The event reflected upon the footprints left by Mr. Chikushi and clarified the meaning of his work, while at the same time unfolding a discussion on how the vision he left behind should be utilized and developed in the future.

On January 26th, the symposium "Fiercely Debated Issues! The future of Journalism" (Okuma Auditorium) was held by the Faculty of Political Science and Economics. Tribute was paid to Mr. Chikushi, who respected the opinion of the minority, and a debate was held regarding the ideal form of journalism. The symposium was presided over by University Professor Soichiro Tahara. The 6 panelists included Mr. Shigenori Kanehira (TBS America Director; participated via the internet from NY), Professor San Jun Kan (University of Tokyo), Ms. Aiko Doden (NHK commentator), Mr. Akio Nomura (Asahi Shimbun Journalist School President), Professor Norikazu Kawagishi (Faculty of Political Science and Economics), and Professor Tase. The symposium venue was filled with approximately 1,000 participants.

"Fiercely Debated Issues! The future of Journalism"