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Deepening friendly relationships between the youth of Japan and China

90 Waseda University students visit China as the "Japanese Youth Friendship Emissary Group"

In front of the venue for the closing ceremony of Japanese-Chinese Youth Friendship Exchange Year

In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the "Japan-China Peace and Friendship Treaty", the governments of both Japan and China designated the year 2008 as "Japanese-Chinese Youth Friendship Exchange Year". Youth exchange activities of both countries were held in fields such as culture, academics, environmental conservation, science and technology, media, movies, television, and tourism.

90 Waseda University students were invited by the Chinese government to serve as members in the Japanese Youth Friendship Emissary Group and to participate in the closing ceremony which was the finale of Japanese-Chinese Youth Friendship Exchange Year. The group visited China for seven days from the 18th to the 24st of December. During their visit to China, students participated in the closing ceremony of Japanese-Chinese Youth Friendship Exchange Year and social gatherings of the closing ceremony. The students also visited Beijing University, Shandong Normal University, and the Ocean University of China. Exchanges were held with students of each university, and Japanese students also toured historical buildings and local corporations. It was an extremely valuable experience for the students who visited China.

Sports exchange at Shandong Normal University

This visit to China was an opportunity for participating students of both countries to deepen friendship with each other. This will surely serve as a basis for creating mutual understanding and friendly relationships between both countries in the future.