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Aiming for an international level of educational research

Selected for various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (continued report)

Various programs of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) were featured in the October issue of Campus Now. Since then, a number of Waseda University projects have been newly selected.

Program Supporting Strategic University Partnerships

This program focuses on actively advancing partnerships between national, public, and private universities, and encouraging efficient utilization of the educational and research resources of each university. The program aims to establish centers of knowledge for the surrounding community, and to realize a high level of educational and research standards, a clarification of unique characteristics and features, and a strengthening of the operations base of the universities.

Partner University University of Yamanashi University of Kitakyushu,Kyushu Institute of Technology
Program Name Cooperation among national and private universities to develop international researchers who are active in the field of advanced biomedicine, which requires expertise in medicine, science, and engineering. Through a partnership with the graduate school of the Kitakyushu Science and Research Pack, establishment of a center for the development of high-level, expert professionals in car electronics
Program to Develop Practical Professionals through an Industrial and Academic Partnership
-Development of service innovation professionals-

The MEXT has consigned universities with the development of an educational program to create professionals who combine a fusion of knowledge from fields such as business, IT, and human-based knowledge, and who possess a high level of knowledge and expertise in relation to service. These professionals must also possess qualities that enable them to contribute to the improvement of productivity and the creation of innovation in service.

Project Name Financial Service, Innovation, and Management Research
Project Overview Develop a financial market environment simulator. Develop an education program to create professionals who support an increasingly complicated and global financial market which is difficult to predict through only academic understanding and confirmation.
Name of Central Facility Finance Research Center
Advanced Professional Education Promotion Programs through Professional Graduate Schools

This program seeks to further strengthen the development of highly specialized workers at institutes of higher education by focusing on support within competitive environments throughout national, public, and private universities for leading projects that contribute to the enrichment of educational methods. These projects are performed by national, public, and private universities and are based upon industry, academic societies, occupational organizations and local public authorities.

Program Name Global Management Program for Japanese Leaders
Program Leader Professor Mitsuhide Shiraki, Faculty of Political Science and Economics
Contents This program focuses on management professionals deployed to overseas subsidiaries of Japanese corporations. The program aims to improve practical management ability to enable response to the localization of autonomous management. The program considers the management environment of overseas subsidiaries and creates a division into the two main categories of business administration skills and inter-cultural business skills. The program formulates a systematic and practical management personnel development program that optimizes a balance of three factors both before and after deployment: OJT, OFF-JT, and self-development. The program aims to promote the instillation of this system in corporations.
Program to Support Educational Reform at Graduate Schools

This program focuses on the Doctoral Programs and Master's Programs of graduate schools that develop high-level professionals who perform a wide range of activities in various fields of society. The program aims to advance an increase in the substance of graduate school education by providing prioritized support for outstanding organizational and systematic educational projects.

Program Name Aiming for the Fusion of Law Research and Legal Practice Joint Program to Develop High-Level Professionals in East Asia
Representative Professor Takehiko Sone, Graduate School of Law, Public Law Major Professor Shigeto Sonoda, Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies, International Relations Major
Contents The program aims to provide education support such as supplementation of fundamental education for graduates of graduate schools of law. The program also emphasizes the organic reciprocal relationship between legal theory and legal practice, and aims to develop outstanding legal researchers, scholarly legal professionals, civil servants, and high-level specialized professionals. This program aims to develop Japanese students who are "capable of foreign interactions" and can be expected to perform throughout Asia. The program will tie together the characteristics of developing researchers and specialists in Europe, America, and Japan. Also, in order to advance joint development of high-level professionals in East Asia, there are plans to have students participate in the operation of joint seminars and joint projects at universities throughout Asia.
Program for Promoting High-Quality University Education

This program selects especially outstanding projects from among education projects that lead to the improvement of educational quality. The program then provides information to society on a wide basis and engages in prioritized financial support. By doing so, the program aims to contribute to the assurance of quality in higher education and the strengthening of international competiveness for the country of Japan as a whole.

Program Name Liberal Arts Education for a Multicultural / Multilingual Society
Program Director Paul Snowden, Director of Faculty of International Liberal Studies
Contents This program aims to utilize a global network of knowledge constructed through the systemization of overseas education. The program prioritizes liberal arts education and foreign language education while focusing on the expansion of overseas education in non-English speaking areas. To accomplish these goals, effort is being put into comprehensive projects for the strengthening of foreign language education and the realization of a liberal arts community in the Asian sphere.

*All contents listed are current as of the time of selection. In conjunction with a change in graduate school directors, the representative of the "Aiming for the Fusion of Law Research and Legal Practice" program is currently Professor Koji Oumi of the Graduate School of Law.