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Striving for the growth of academic research and the development of professionals

Advancement of partnership with the University of Yamanashi, Nara Prefecture, and Nara Medical University

Left: Hideaki Nukui, President of the University of Yamanashi Right: President Shirai

Comprehensive Agreement Regarding University Exchange with the University of Yamanashi

On December 3rd, Waseda University concluded a "Comprehensive Agreement Regarding University Exchange" with the University of Yamanashi (President: Mr. Hideaki Nukui), a National University Corporation. The agreement aims to promote exchange and partnership in education and research activities.

Through a strategic partnership between the University of Yamanashi Graduate School of Medicine and the Waseda University Faculty of Science and Engineering, international researchers are being developed among cooperation of national and private universities. These researchers are active in the field of advanced biomedicine, which requires expertise in medicine, science, and engineering.

Two instances of partnership/cooperation with Nara Prefecture

On December 25th, Waseda University agreed to the conclusion of a comprehensive partnership agreement with Nara Prefecture. This agreement aims to contribute to the expansion of academics, culture, and regional society, as well as to the development of professionals. A number of partnerships activities in a variety of fields will be developed by combining the resources and characteristics of both parties. Waseda will contribute is wide range of high-level intellectual resources, while Nara Prefecture will contribute resources from its rich history and culture.

Furthermore, one the same day, Waseda agreed to the conclusion of a partnership agreement with Nara Medical University (President and Chairman: Akira Yoshioka). This agreement aims to improve the fullness and quality of education and research activities, as well as to contribute to the development of significant professionals.

The government and community members of Nara Prefecture, Nara Medical University, and Waseda University have joined together to protect and uphold the vitality of Nara's communities.

Left: Shogo Arai, Governor of Nara Prefecture

Right: Akira Yoshioka, President and Chairman of Nara Medical University