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Contributing to increased understanding of modern Norway as a leading researcher of Northern Europe

The Royal Norwegian Order of Merit is conferred upon Professor Norio Okazawa

Scene from presentation ceremony (The Royal Norwegian Embassy)
Professor Okazawa (left) and Ambassador Grutle

As a leading researcher in the political and social issues of Northern Europe, Professor Norio Okazawa was granted the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit on January 23rd.

Professor Okazawa played a central role during the visit of King Harald V and his wife to Waseda University in 2001, and was also instrumental in the "Norway-Japan Friendship 100th Anniversary Norway Lecture" (2005) which was held at Waseda's Extension Center. His written works "Norwegian Politics", "Norwegian Economy", "Norwegian Society", "Norwegian History", and "A History of Exchange between Japan and Norway" (published in 2005) are vital references for understanding modern Norway.