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A great honor as a cultural figure

Professor Yukitsuna Sasaki is made a member of the Japan Art Academy

In December of last year, the Japan Art Academy (Chairman: Mr. Shumon Miura) selected as members 12 prominent cultural figures, including Yukitsuna Sasaki, a poet and Professor at the Waseda University Faculty of Political Science and Economics. Membership to the Japan Art Academy is considered to be the highest honor for literary figures and artists in Japan.

The selection of Professor Sasaki was based on a high evaluation of his vigorous activities as a poet. These activities include his continued presence at the forefront of modern tanka poems, as well as his presiding over the Kokoro no Hana (Flowers of the Heart) poet magazine and his efforts to uncover new poets. Professor Sasaki commented on this selection by stating "I never imagined that I would be selected, and I am very happy. It is a great honor to be made a member together with my illustrious predecessors from Waseda, such as Mr. Utsubo Kubota and Mr. Hakushu Kitahara."