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Selection for Global COE Program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)

"Creating a New Corporate Legal Framework for a Mature Civil Society" Program

As reported in the July issue of Campus Now, 3 programs from Waseda University were selected for the 2008 Global COE (Center of Excellence) Program by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). This issue introduces one of the selected programs, the "Creating a New Corporate Legal Framework for a Mature Civil Society: Restructuring Corporate, Financial, and Capital Market Laws and Asia's Challenges to the World" program (GCOE Leader: Professor Tatsuo Uemura, Faculty of Law).

Working to reconstruct corporate law

This program seeks to further develop and deepen awareness of issues raised by the MEXT's 21st Century COE "Waseda Institute for Corporation Law and Society". The program sets even higher goals in the form of constructing a mature civil society together with reconstruction of corporate law, seeking to perform research activities for the creation of new legal studies in Japan. This plays a role in addressing the national Japanese issue of reconstructing civil society.

Keywords of "corporate", "market", and "civil society"

Specifically, the program will construct a theoretical model in relation to the form of capitalism together with the corporate system. This can be the source of great trouble when theorizing the portion that America and Europe relies on experience and mistakenly handling the issue. Academic research of world-class standards will be performed from the perspective of using knowledge and logic to overcome Japan's lack of experience in the area of capitalism and the corporate system. Also, recognition will be given to weakness of the American and European models, and contributions will be made to the national prosperity of Asian nations that confront similar issues.

Until now, there has been almost no cross-sectional research in the field of law. This program will share the keywords of "corporate", "market", and "civil society" with various legal fields, and will promote cross-sectional research through diverse combinations. Furthermore, the program will provide even stronger promotion and implementation of the English Database of Asian IP Precedents, an intellectual resource which received particularly high praise in the mid-term report of the 21st Century COE Program. Also, vigorous exchange of research will take place between experts from the Graduate School of Commerce in the fields of management, accounting, and auditing. Finally, specific research results which relate to legal studies will be pursued.

A research system based on goal aggregation and pursuit of specific results

The research system will position the "Center for Research in Corporate, Financial, and Capital Market Law" as the center of the institute, and will strengthen related activities. The center will perform realignment by issue awareness of plans for each separate field of conventional legal study, and will actively support cross-sectional research between each field of law.

Also, the research system will seek to strengthen research activities using a 3-center system. The "Research Center for the Legal System of Intellectual Property", which received particularly high praise for its activities, will remain in existence. Also, the "Research Center for Corporate Systems and Law" will be newly established. This new center will research the relationship between legal systems and management, economics, accounting, and auditing.

Also, a variety of research meetings and international symposiums and seminars will be held. The program will strive to exist as a highly independent think-tank that can respond to contemporary and urgent issues, as well as to create concrete proposals and issue responsible information while constantly maintaining advanced awareness of issues.

* Visit the institute homepage for further details. (http://www.globalcoe-waseda-law-commerce.org/)