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Striving for a work-life balance at universities

1 year since establishment of the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality

Logo, created by students of the School of Advanced Science and Engineering and selected from an open design contest.

In October of last year, in conjunction with the 125th anniversary of our founding, Waseda University announced our "Pledge to Promote Gender Equality" and established the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality. Since then, our university has implemented various activities to promote gender equality in our institutions.

In September of this year, the "Work-Balance Support Center for Early-Career Researchers" (commonly known as the Okubo Support Center) was opened on the Okubo (science and engineering) Campus. The center provides support for career formation and offers help in balancing education, research and study with other life events (such as marriage, child-raising, and nursing care for family members). The center also provides information, offers consultation, and holds networking events in relation to these lifestyle topics. Services of the center target all faculty, staff, and students, with particular emphasis on researchers who are in the early stage of their careers. In October, in order to commemorate the 1 year anniversary of the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality, a showing was held for the film "Psychologist Tsuruko Haraguchi: Memories of Her Days at Columbia University in the Early 1900s". A lecture was also held by the film's director, Etsuko Izumi. At the event, Professor Mutsuko Asakura (Graduate School of Law), Director of the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality, gave a presentation regarding the outline of future basic plans. Professor Asakura also revealed the logo of the office, which was selected from an open design contest.

Tape-Cutting Ceremony for the Okubo Support Center
From left: Professor Mutsuko Asakura, Director of the Office for Promotion of Gender Equality; President Shirai; Haniwa Natori, Member of the Information Disclosure & Personal Information Protection Review Board, Cabinet Office (former Director of Gender Equality Bureau, Cabinet Office)

A tatami mat area for talking off shoes and relaxing