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First-ever fashion show at Okuma Auditorium

WASEADA×ONWARD Talk Event & Fashion Show

Fashion art work by the Department of Intermedia Art and Science

On November 18th, a "Talk Event & Fashion Show" was held at Okuma Auditorium in cooperation with Onward Holdings Co., Ltd.

Part 1 of the first section was a forum which featured dialogue between Takeshi Hirouchi, Representative Director, Chairman, and CEO of Onward Holdings, and President Katsuhiko Shirai. Both men are of the same generation and enjoyed discussing memories from their days as students. Part 2 introduced a fashion show using advanced technology from the Department of Intermedia Art and Science. Various fashions created based on conceptual designs of Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto decorated an artistic stage against a background of shamisen music played by Chizuru Kineya and Satomayu Kineya.

The fashion show held in the second section introduced new designs of iCB and Joseph, ending the event with a glamorous finale.