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Achieving total victory!

The baseball team captures its 41st victory, the first in 2 seasons

The Waseda University baseball team captured its 41st victory (the first in 2 seasons) in the Tokyo Big 6 Baseball League by defeating Keio University 3-1 in the first game. The game was played at Jingu Stadium on November 1st. After losing the second game on November 2nd, Waseda won the third game, played on November 3rd, by a score of 4-1. With this victory, Waseda achieved "total victory" by posting a winning point differential against all other universities. Five Waseda players were chosen for the Best Nine All-Star Team.

After the final game on November 3rd, a traditional victory parade was held, winding its way from Jingu Stadium to Waseda University.

Also, from October 11th to December 13th, an exhibition entitled "Youth Dedicated to Hardball-History of the Waseda University Baseball Club" was held in the 125th Anniversary Room of Okuma Memorial Tower. Many visitors enjoyed the exhibition, which traced the nearly 100 year history of the baseball team since its founding in 1901.

A scene from the victory parade.

A scene from the "Youth Dedicated to Hardball" exhibition