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From materials processing to fundamental quantum theory

70 years of research in materials science and technology

Laboratory Director Mitsugu Motomura (Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering) addresses the crowd

A commemorative event was held on October 11th for the Kagami Memorial Research Institute for Materials Science and Technology (previously the Casting Research Institute), which greeted the 70th anniversary of its founding. The laboratory was made possible through donations by the father and son combination of Koichiro and Yoshiyuki Kagami. On the day of the event, a commemorative speech was given by Naoki Okumura, member of the Council for Science and Technology Policy. Also, an open seminar was held featuring 5 guests, including Yasuhiko Kato, President of Mitsubishi Engineering and Shipbuilding Company. The seminar was attended by nearly 400 people, a great turnout marking the end of a successful event.

In the future, the laboratory will strive to contribute to the research and growth of a broad range of world-class materials technology through advanced R&D, while at the same time forming close partnerships with industry and society.