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Award of Honorary Doctorate Degrees

Name Degree Type Award Date Reason for Award Employment at Time of Award

Robert J. Shillman
Doctor of Laws September 21st, 2008 Contributed to the realization of an international information society through the development of machine vision systems. Exhibited understanding and provided support towards Waseda University's efforts to develop entrepreneurs. Chairman & CEO of Cognex Corporation (America)

Richard C. Levin
Doctor of Laws October 16th, 2008 Contributed significantly to the sustained development of Waseda University. Contributed to the advancement of a friendly, cooperative relationship with Waseda University. President of Yale University

Al Gore
Doctor of Laws November 19th, 2008 Spoke out regarding the importance of protecting the global environment. Provided international society with a vision and guideline by proposing an alternative model for sustainable development of society. 45th Vice-President of the United States of America Recipient of the Noble Peace Prize