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Awarding journalistic spirit of the individual

Award Ceremony for the 8th Waseda Journalism Award

From left, Asahi Shimbun: Ken Fujimori, Takashi Uemura; Minaminihon Broadcasting: Yumiko Yamagata; President Shirai; Minaminihon Broadcasting: Takashi Ariyama; NHK: Tomohide Terai, Hideya Kamakura

The award ceremony for the 8th Waseda Journalism Award In Memory of Ishibashi Tanzan was held on November 7th at the Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo. This year's award-winning works are listed below.

Public Service Division
Series "Newspapers & War" (The Asahi Shimbun Company)
Grass-Roots Democracy Division
"Yanedan: A Village of 300 People Where Bonuses are Given"(Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
Cultural Contribution Division
Special: Exploration Roman, World Heritage Sites "Heritage of a Memory-Message from Auschwitz and Hiroshima - (NHK)

The ceremony began with a greeting by President Shirai, as well as comments and a speech by screening committee member Shinichi Sano. Next, award recipients and program staff took the podium to discuss their commitment to further activities.

Also, in conjunction with the award ceremony, the book "The Journalist as an Individual" (Waseda University Publishing) was newly published. This book contains summaries of memorial lectures for this award.