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Awarded to 4 recipients this year

Selection made for the 2008 Okuma Memorial Academic Prize

Scene from the award ceremony (from left, Professor Suzuki, Professor Oodomari, President Shirai, Professor Tatsuta, and Professor Tominaga)

The Okuma Memorial Academic Prize is awarded to Professors that achieve outstanding research and contribute to the improvement of academic standards. This year's awards were presented as shown below. The award ceremony was held on October 23rd at Okuma Memorial Hall.

Name (Affiliation) Research Theme
Professor Iwao Oodomari (Faculty of Science and Engineering) Development of single-ion injection and research relating to the surface and interfaces of semiconductors.
Professor Ryoji Suzuki(Art and Architecture School) Project Konpira
Professor Kuniaki Tatsuta(Faculty of Science and Engineering) Explanation for total synthesis of biologically active natural products and explanation of the activity formation mechanism.
Professor Hideyoshi Tominaga(Faculty of Science and Engineering) Research in Telematics and Artificial Intelligent Networking System